3 Reasons Law Firms Move to the Cloud

by: NebuLAW Team


With NebuLAW, everything is updated and linked in real-time. As a lawyer, this empowers you to stay on top of your tasks and deadlines with an up to date calendar and alerts, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of client demands. It means your accounts departments stay on top of billing with more accurate invoicing, and clients are never left in the dark. One-click reporting allows you to measure productivity and overall financial performance. You can also more easily identify debtors and chase late payments. By reducing the time it takes to generate an accurate view of your firm’s performance, you finally have the time and the means to drive growth and profitability.

Our clients often find NebuLAW improves their accounting departments as much as the Legal side of their businesses, bringing every department into one colaborative piece of software allows for a better client service.

Constant Availability

In the last few years, Cloud practice management systems have experienced rapid growth because of their benefits. Cloud helps law firms achieve increased productivity while reducing operational costs, making information accessible, and increasing access from mobile devices. It also provides for greater mobility, which enables clients to manage their business wherever they are. The Cloud also offers a comprehensive solution to security issues that can be used by any law firm irrespective of its geographical location.

Managing legal documents is a vital part of any lawyer’s work. This requires access to all of this data across multiple locations. Therefore, a Cloud-based service provides the best of these security measures while enabling the law firm to use corporate storage at a low cost. Cloud also offers several other benefits, including data security and confidentiality and the usual security measures like encryption and availability. All these factors have helped law offices to save money on IT and operational expenses.

Simple and Secure Scaling

When a business chooses to work with an on-demand legal support service, like the cloud software firm Rapid Application Delivery (RAD), or a SaaS for a law firm, they choose to work in the cloud environment. The cloud allows businesses to gain flexibility in terms of their business model. For example, rather than being forced into a traditional server room or data centre space, which can be costly, a company can utilize servers maintained by third-party cloud service providers on a pay-per-consumption basis. This allows a company to easily scale the cloud, if need be, and continue to operate at a lean and mean business pace.

It is not uncommon to find many software engineers who leave a company to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities with different cloud-based services in terms of flexibility. In addition, as technology changes, there is often a need for quick roll-outs of new programs and/or features. The ability for rapid innovation and access to new and innovative tools can be critical for a company’s growth. By outsourcing their most-requested functions, companies save both time and money and can invest those resources in growing and marketing their business.

Rapid Application Delivery and SaaS for law firms have come together to create a cloud computing package that can benefit law firms everywhere. Because it is easy to integrate into any existing software development process, cloud computing is ideal for law firms to utilize a high-tech solution with limited upfront investment. It is also easy for legal firms to provide access to their most-used legal documents through file sharing and application delivery capabilities. These services can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. At the same time, cloud computing offers tremendous flexibility to law firms, particularly when it comes to how information is shared and delivered.

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