Simplified Receipting

Fast, simple, reliable receipting of funds

Apply funds receipted to legal files

Instantly Apply Funds to Files

No waiting, no syncing. Funds are instantly applied to your client’s files and the solicitor is notified that new funds have been receipted so they can begin work.

Fantastic for firms to process and keep a record of trust receipts. Vastly reducing time spent entering trust receipts, payments and overall trust transactions.

Trust Receipts Automatically Generated

Every receipt automatically generates a PDF trust receipt that can be sent to your client with the click of a button.

Automatically generate legal trust reciepts

Smart receipting user interface

Smart Receipting Forms

Breeze through receipting your Bank Statement transactions with our form that doesn’t require common input fields such as date, descriptions and account for every receipt created.

Making Everyday Tasks Easier for Your Whole Team

From Burden to Boon: SaaS Rescues Law Firms from Server Woes

Leading law firms are embracing new technology as a source of competitive advantage and a means to improving their margins. One of the key decisions firms need to make in this context is whether to persevere with the traditional on-premise IT set up or to move to the this article we dive into the pros and cons of cloud vs on-premise solutions and unashamedly guide you in the direction of the cloud.

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Trust Money – Australian Legal Industry

Owners and practice managers are often concerned about how their practice management software will provide real-time insights into the firm and fee-earner performance. There’s also the ever-present threat of cyberattacks breaching sensitive client data. NebuLAW not only delivers full visibility into the practice via its ‘single pane of glass platform but all customer data is also stored in a highly secure cloud.

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5 reasons you need better legal software for your firm

Being a complete platform on which to run a modern legal practice, NebuLAW offers far more than its competitors and is the only Australian practice management solution built on Salesforce. It is a cheaper and superior offering compared to similar solutions in the legal space, and it is driving fee-earner productivity and job satisfaction.

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Everyday Tasks Simplified

Any good system improves your entire workflow for all employees, would you like to see how good our trust accounting suite is?