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NebuLAW is the complete Legal Practice Management Software. Built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Everything You Need

To serve your clients, empower your staff and manage every intricate process of your firm.

Australian precedent documents

Precedent Library

With NebuLAW’s Australian precedent bundle you can ensure that you have reliable, continuously updated precedents enabling you to accurately complete your matters.

Practice management reporting

Report on Everything

Stay on track and measure performance. Automatically run reports to stay on track of every aspect of your firm including accounts, tech, marketing fee earners and debt collection.

Universal Time Recording

Quickly and accurately record your time, add time entries, disbursements against your files. Time recording efficiently can increase law firm productivity and add more to your bottom line.

Legal trust accounts

Trust Accounting Software

Powerful and simple way to manage your cashflow and Law Society compliance requirements. Includes time saving features to automate everyday tasks, giving you great insights and making compliance easy. 

CRM Salesforce for Lawfirms

Law Firm CRMs

The main role of a CRM in the day-to-day life of law firms is to streamline backend onboarding efficiencies so you can focus on winning cases and practicing law, Salesforce helps you profiling prospects, understanding their needs, and building relationships.

NebuLAW Mobile application

Mobile Application

The Salesforce mobile app is an enterprise-class app that provides your users with instant access to your company’s data from a phone or tablet.

Website integrations

Website Integration

As the number of leads generated by your website grows it becomes difficult to manage and keep track of each lead using a simple database or spreadsheet. Plugging your website directly into your practice management system will help you convert more leads and generate more work.

Task Management

Use our automated Task Management tool to ensure every matter is completed with the utmost precision and care regardless of the fee earners assigned to the case.

Australian precedent documents

Document Management

That can fit your firm’s requirements – Netdocs, Office365, iManage etc. NebuLAW partners with them all to provide you with the solution that fits your firm.

Efficiency, Productivity & Time Management at Your Finger Tips

We hear time and time again that our clients utilise several platforms to do simple legal work. Because everything from your accounts & receipting through to debt collection is built into NebuLAW our dashboards provide you with an overview of everything happening in your firm at a glance.

Reports to manage your Legal Practice management system
Trust accounting in your Legal Practice

Trust Accounting

Built-in, INCLUDED in our price and designed specifically for Law Firms.

Unlike many of our competitors who require you to pay extra for a third-party solution, NebuLAW comes standard with its own completely integrated Trust Accounting system.

Whether your firm has one fee-earner or hundreds, your accounts staff will love the simple, user-friendly interface –  and you’ll love the time and money saved in all aspects of managing your trust account.

NebuLAW Trust Accounting is fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements in Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada.

Automated Billing

Bill one matter or 10,000 matters with the same workflow.

Being left in the dark is something clients flag as a big concern over long and complex. Our billing process is simple, quick and automated so you can bill regularly without interrupting your normal workflow.

Our automated/bulk billing is so simple and streamlined that Australian firms are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year switching to NebuLAW – you can bill one file or every file with open WIP in 3 clicks.

Billing, a key component in Law
Onboarding clients into your Legal Practice Management System

Intake Management and Client Onboarding

Client onboarding is one of the most important functions for any law firm because it directly affects the client’s experience with your company, which will affect retention and profits.

Salesforce provides the leading tools that help small businesses convert their leads into ongoing customers.

Client onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients into your business, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring they understand the services available to them while collecting the information that you need to provide a seamless service experience.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your current customer service structure is providing an adequate client onboarding process as this can lead to clients that become frustrated and go elsewhere.

Matter Management

NebuLAW’s matter management utilises the power of Salesforce.

We bring together all aspects of your business under one pane of glass from marketing to debt collection in the one piece of Legal Practice Management Software.

From your matter page, you can see the entire financial record of your client, all communications from anyone in your law firm, all emails and documents.

Our Matter Plans allows firms to create a uniform approach to matters automatically generating and assigning workload to the appropriate staff as a matter progresses.

Managing Legal Matters
Australian Precedent Library

Precedent Library

Our precedent library now includes over 600 Australian Legal precedents covering topics such as:

Advice, Agency Agreements, Agreements & Deeds, Buy-Sell Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Debt Recovery, Heads of Agreement, Mortgages, Companies, Company resolutions, Partnership Agreements, Share Sale Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Employment Contract, Employment Termination, Fair Work Commission, Family Provision Claims, Letters of Administration, Probate, Family Law, Intellectual Property, District Court, Local Court, Supreme Court – Common Law Division, Supreme Court – Equity Division, Supreme Court Appeal, Personal Property Securities (PPSR), Leases, Purchase, Sale, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, Enduring Guardianship, Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Wills.

Automatically Generate Documents

Generate every document required for your practice instantly.

Our best in class document generation wizard allows you to generate and file any document with the click of a button.

Keep your entire firm using the most up to date legal templates.

Simply upload the document template formatted in Microsoft Word and NebuLAW will merge the client’s details into the template and produce a word document attached to your matter and filed into the correct matter file.

Document generation
Case UI window, key to Legal Practice Management Software

Manage Cases, Organise Contracts & Automate Processes

Everything your firm needs in one place, our solution simplifies your matters and streamlines your legal work, lowering your overheads and letting you focus on providing a better legal service to your clients.

Email Management

Integrated into Microsoft Outlook, leverage web-scale predictive technologies to file email messages to the correct location seamlessly.

For each email, NetDocuments analyzes its content, recipients, attachments, and so on, to predict a set of filing locations where others have previously filed other similar email messages at your organization or on your team.

NebuLAW provides an intelligent, firm-wide predictive filing based on key criteria such as To, From, Cc, subject, contents, attachment names, and so on.

Australian Legal Practice Management Email Management
Communication in Legal Practice

Meet Client Expectations & Stay On-top of Things

Managing teams and providing uniform quality for your clients from all of your fee earners is a constant challenge.

Utilising NebuLAWs matter management plans, you can provide a flexible and KPI based approach to your bread and butter cases providing a solid formwork for your more complex matters.

Every firm is different, every case is unique, but locking in key expectations and case milestones will give your less experienced fee earners structure to work in, while their seniors can oversee case progress and advice where required.

Compile Briefs, Binders or Summaries

Quickly generate briefs from your matter files or documents saved on your computer; they’ll be properly paginated (including Bates numbering), fully indexed and searchable. All documents contained in your matter space are automatically OCR’d (making generic PDFs searchable).

SetBuilder removes the manual and tedious task of building document sets for everyone in your organisation, whether it be creating closing documentation or Barristers’ Briefs.

Reduce Hard CostsStandardise Your ProcessNever Miss a Step

The best part is it’s all built into the same platform that your documents live on, so there are no additional third-party plugins!

Barristers Briefing Practice management
Timekeeping and billing in a legal practice

Timekeeping and Billing

Time is what professional service firms sell. Complete and accurate time recording by all fee-earners is critical to the success of your business.

NebuLAW displays a one-click time entry on every page of the system. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a document or checking invoices – our global time entry is easily accessible, and won’t distract you from the work. Itself.

Integrations with the tools your team are already using.

Connect with your key cloud-based business applications in just one click. Access the platforms you need fast.

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