Document Generation and Management

Nebulaw offers a best-in-class document management system optimized for legal practices, with features including email management, document set creation, and extended collaboration tools.

NetDocuments features built-in support for workflows common to legal professionals, including matter-centric design for organizing and locating documents and emails, full-text indexing of all documents for fast searches, predictive one-click filing of emails and attachments, and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook.

The system also offers native support for mobility and at-home workers, auto versioning, and support for OCR technology, PDF documents, and JPEG files for filing and searching. In addition, NetDocuments is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, and other security regulations and standards, and features cutting-edge data loss prevention (DLP) to protect sensitive documents from deliberate or inadvertent data leaks. With a full set of APIs, NetDocuments is deeply integrated within the NebuLAW system providing our clients with access to the industry’s best document management system alongside our state-of-the-art Practice Management System.

Matter-Centric Document Management

As a law firm, it is essential to have a system in place for organizing and managing your documents and emails in a matter-centric way.

NebuLAW offers just that, allowing users to create a matter-centric profile for every document and email added to the cloud storage system. Much of this process is automated, making it easy and efficient to use.

NetDocuments also allows you to create shared workspaces based on profile attributes, giving your team a single view of all documents, messages, folders, categories, and other entities for a specific matter. T

his view is available to any authorized user who has selected that matter, and all modifications made to the workspace by any user impact the view for all users. In short, NetDocuments’ matter-centric document management system is an essential tool for law firms looking to improve their document organization and management

Industry Best Document Management

  • Document Version Management
  • Integrated OCR (Text in PDFs and images become searchable)
  • Email Management, Outlook and Word Integration
  • Universal Index and Search
  • Document Tagging and Profiling
  • Document Check-Out / In
  • Scan and Fax Integration
  • File and Folder Permissions

Find What You Need Quickly

It is not uncommon for your lawyers to spend at least 30 minutes a day looking for documents. With NebuLAW search, you get the full power of Boolean searching, dramatically reducing the time spent locating documents.

Think about how you have used your legal research tools over the years. What if you could use wildcards and AND/OR/NOT operators? And, if that is not enough, you can filter your searches by date, document type, client/matter, and author.

Having the ability to leverage your documents in this way eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel, eliminates wasted time searching for documents, and encourages your team to load every document they create into your practice management system.

Log Your Time with a Single Click

Integrating legal practice management and document management systems is one of the biggest cost savers in today’s modern firm.

Logging time can be as easy as clicking a button.

Stored documents are listed directly within your matter in NebuLAW and a time entry for the work spent drafting, finalising or reviewing a document is one click away in the same window that you’re working in.

Confirm the Source of Truth

If your document repository is the single source of truth for any documents your firm has created, as well as every document your firm has received, you can go to that single source and find what you need with confidence.

We talk about this regularly with our client firms, if your documents are scattered between multiple places how will you ever know what is really happening on a matter? You’re wasting valuable time and introducing unnecessary risk to your practice.

Create Documents Faster

Document templates make it possible to skip the re-work of document formatting or remembering where you saved a recent version, speeding up the creation process.

When combined, practice management and document management software make it easy to leverage these templates to your advantage.

For example, in NebuLAW, you can set up templates to automatically pull matter information including key fields into your document ensuring documents are created accurately and instantly, requiring only your revision.

PrecedPrecedent Libraryent Library

Precedent Library

Our precedent library now includes over 600 Australian Legal precedents covering topics such as:

Advice, Agency Agreements, Agreements & Deeds, Buy-Sell Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Debt Recovery, Heads of Agreement, Mortgages, Companies, Company resolutions, Partnership Agreements, Share Sale Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Employment Contract, Employment Termination, Fair Work Commission, Family Provision Claims, Letters of Administration, Probate, Family Law, Intellectual Property, District Court, Local Court, Supreme Court – Common Law Division, Supreme Court – Equity Division, Supreme Court Appeal, Personal Property Securities (PPSR), Leases, Purchase, Sale, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, Enduring Guardianship, Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Wills.

Brief/Set Builder

SetBuilder is an essential tool for law firms looking to streamline and improve their document management processes.

It simplifies and standardizes the task of planning, collecting, organizing, tracking, and delivering sets of documents to clients. With SetBuilder, law firms can create new or templated set outlines for various types of projects, easily populate them with documents, and combine all documents into one hyperlinked PDF for delivery to the client. The tool also allows firms to monitor the status of each set and maintain a library of prior sets for easy reference. The use of placeholders helps teams ensure that all important documents are accounted for and never fall through the cracks. In short, SetBuilder is an invaluable tool for law firms looking to improve their document management and deliver high-quality work to their clients.

PrecedPrecedent Libraryent Library


As a law firm, the ability to securely and efficiently communicate and collaborate with your team is crucial for success.

ndThread provides just that, offering topic-based messaging that allows teams to share information and collaborate in real-time from any device. With ndThread, teams can highlight and comment on portions of documents stored in the NetDocuments cloud without having to check out and edit the core documents. Additionally, conversation histories are securely tracked and archived within a topic, allowing for easy reference and organization. Project and matter-based discussions can include messaging, document exchange and annotation, and shared links, eliminating the need for extended email chains and the risks associated with email attachments. NetDocuments protects every discussion with advanced cloud-based security technology, including multiple keys, so you can trust that your discussions are secure. Overall, ndThread is an essential tool for law firms looking to improve communication and collaboration among their teams.

Lawyer Nebulaw

Share Live Documents with Clients

As a law firm, it is important to have a secure and organized method for sharing documents with clients and outside counsel.

CollabSpaces provides just that, allowing you to create a central location where you can share NetDocuments files with invited users. You have full control over access rights, and any CollabSpace you create inherits the rules, governance, and retention policies set at the matter or project level in NetDocuments. Because CollabSpaces is layered within the NetDocuments environment, shared files remain encrypted, and there is no need to create an additional system or risk sending documents via email. You can authorize internal and external users to download, upload, view, and edit CollabSpace files, ensuring that all parties have the necessary access to important documents. In short, CollabSpaces is an essential tool for law firms looking to improve the way they share documents with clients and outside counsel.

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Owners and practice managers are often concerned about how their practice management software will provide real-time insights into the firm and fee-earner performance. There’s also the ever-present threat of cyberattacks breaching sensitive client data. NebuLAW not only delivers full visibility into the practice via its ‘single pane of glass platform but all customer data is also stored in a highly secure cloud.

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Owners and practice managers are often concerned about how their practice management software will provide real-time insights into the firm and fee-earner performance. There’s also the ever-present threat of cyberattacks breaching sensitive client data. NebuLAW not only delivers full visibility into the practice via its ‘single pane of glass platform but all customer data is also stored in a highly secure cloud.

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