NebuLAW Precedent Library

by: NebuLAW Team

NebuLAW is pleased to announce a partnership with a reputable Australian precedent provider to include their ever-growing legal precedent library in the NebuLAW ecosystem.  

No matter your firm size, NebuLAW will simplify every part of your practice with its industry-leading Practice Management platform, the fastest and cleanest trust accounting system, and now a comprehensive library of quality precedents.

NebuLAW can help you achieve operational efficiency and the best outcomes for your clients.

The new precedents library dovetails with our task management, document generation and document management systems to offer law firms the fastest and best solution to automate their document creation process and streamline all the back of house work required to provide an exceptional experience for clients.

This precedent library now includes over 600 Australian Legal precedents covering topics such as:
Advice, Agency Agreements, Agreements & Deeds, Buy-Sell Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Debt Recovery, Heads of Agreement, Mortgages, Companies, Company resolutions, Partnership Agreements, Share Sale Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Employment Contract, Employment Termination, Fair Work Commission, Family Provision Claims, Letters of Administration, Probate, Family Law, Intellectual Property, District Court, Local Court, Supreme Court – Common Law Division, Supreme Court – Equity Division, Supreme Court Appeal, Personal Property Securities (PPSR), Leases, Purchase, Sale, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, Enduring Guardianship, Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Wills.

This precedent package will complement our existing 1click document generation capability; firms will be able to utilise either their own precedents or our precedents library within their system.  

Why your firm should use document generation

NebuLAW’s document automation process is as simple as it is effective. It uses your firm’s already existing legal documents – including contracts, purchase agreements, estate planning documents, leases, licenses, etc. – to generate automated templates, which you can use to produce new legal documents. When your firm doesn’t already have it’s own legal documents, you can use our new precedent library.

While there are numerous benefits from being able to access new legal documents at a moment’s notice, some of the key benefits of document automation include:


Automation decreases the time it takes to create legal documents allowing lawyers to work on other matters – more clients & more matters translates to increased firm profits.


Painstakingly drafting employment contracts, NDAs, or other documents from scratch are a thing of the past. With document automation, you can create a wide range of legal documents in a fraction of the time it previously took.


When lawyers create a new document by copying and pasting from multiple sources it increases the likelihood of errors. Document automation eliminates this risk, producing document templates that are accurate and consistent.   

Customer experience.

For better or worse, speed of delivery is something clients increasingly expect and demand. Being able to produce customised legal documents quickly provides a better experience and improves client satisfaction and retention.

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